Viell members can expand their business and social circles by exchanging messages via our app or by meeting at our events. Furthermore, they can take advantage of special discounts on Viell investments and from the concierge service. They get informed in advance about various discounts and privileges as part of the deals with other brands. They enjoy first-rate and real-time socializing by attending industry or periodic events. By getting listed on the Industry Index, they can easily contact other members, form partnerships and enter into collaborations with other members based on their needs. Viell members savor a life filled with privileges and comfort. Members can expand their global network through the Viell events, which serve as the meeting point for those members residing abroad and for foreigners.

  • Prospective members must; be aged 25-55,
  • Be open to socializing and making new business connections,
  • Be a new-generation business person, visionaries, foreigners, engineers, expats, professionals, doctors, artists, entrepreneurs, members of high society, or designers,

Viell member applications are reviewed carefully, and the applications are answered within 10 business days.

Viell services membership system include web or app-based messaging, real-time invitations, privileged and discounted access to special services and products. The range of services will be expanded to other diverse fields in new industries in the future.