Gastrobar O restaurant combines Russian and Scandinavian style


Bureau Rhizome's interior for this contemporary Russian restaurant is influenced by a neighbouring Danish design school. As well as the aesthetic connection, the 46-seater restaurant serves Scandinavian food, paying tribute to the geographical proximity between St Petersburg and the Nordic states.


Gastrobar O sits on the ground floor of a 20th century mansion. Bureau Rhizome created an interior aesthetic that aims to enter into a dialogue with the Danish design school, and is modelled on the functional and minimal principles of Scandinavian design. The result is a balance between St Petersburg's cosmopolitan roots and the clean lines of Scandinavian design.


The designers chose simple wooden floors and left much of the original multilayer plaster and brickwork exposed on the walls. "The untouched layers and textures on the walls remind us of the period of the turbulent 1990s with its squat movement, the spirit of self-organisation and freedom," said Bureau Rhizome. "Whereas new materials such as matte concrete, white tile and wood make this canvas complete."