Hotel Indigo Dundee: A Choice Hotel for Visiting the UK’s First UNESCO City of Design


While London is a popular destination when traveling to the United Kingdom, we have a feeling that the city of Dundee in Scotland will see a rise in travelers with an affinity for design, art and culture now that Dundee has been designated as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design and the V&A Dundee, Scotland’s first design museum, has opened. If we were headed to the newly appointed design destination, the recently opened Hotel Indigo® Dundeewould be our accommodation of choice.


The building was transformed from a two-hundred-year-old jute mill into a 102-room modern hotel that sits right between the waterfront and the heart of the shopping district. Keeping in line with the Hotel Indigo® design policy where no two properties are the same, the hotel is a representation of Dundee’s rich past and forward-thinking present depicted by three different styles of guest rooms.


There’s the Dundee Cake room (filled with subtle marmalade motifs and curtains made of jute, a nod to the hotel’s former glory), the Comic room (inspired by DC Thompson’s famous comic called ‘Black Dog’ about a sheepdog), and the Gaming Room (since Dundee is the birth place of Grand Theft Auto and a thriving hub for the computer game industry).